Boer War POW Coins

Content for the Boer War POW coins

1900 Blank Pond – Love Token

1900 Blank Rimless Pond hand engraved “The Last Issue Of Oom Paul” on one side and “W.R.O.H to D.F.L 1900” on the other side. This is a love token to someone special.

Value :$850

1895 1 Shilling – Hat and Pipe

Good craftsmanship and all neatly done in check. Stubby slightly curved hat with thin stem pipe and checked collar.


Value :$85

1892 1 Shilling – Hat and Pipe

This is a very exquisite piece. Great craftsmanship. Cap style hat and straight style pipe with the puffing of smoke. Beard, Spectacles and a coat finish this coin. Design is in lines which are crossed.

Value :$150

1895 1 Shilling – Hat and Pipe

Top Hat and Pipe with a puff of smoke. The classic and common design. Done in stripes. Collar and part of coat finishes off the design.


Value :$75

1898/1874 Pond Locket With Diamond

A most impressive piece made into a locket/pendant. It has a genuine 1898 Kruger Pond and a Genuine 1874 Burgers Pond. The tip of the locket has a genuine diamond. See other image for open image and detail.

Value :$3500

1894 Half Pond – Hat and Pipe

A very Rare Gold 1/2 Pond Hat and Pipe made into a pendant. This must have been for a loved one. A short stubby curved Top Hat with a classic Pipe. Deep outline with stripes to complete design.

Value :$300

1896 1 Shilling – Hat and Pipe

A good classic zig zap stripe design. Slightly curved hat, thin stem pipe with long shaft. Smoke from mouth and tip of pipe. Only tips of beard and collar finish of design. Deep outline

Value :$125

1898/1874 Pond Locket – Cut Out

Second part of piece. When opened, beautifully cut out to show only the head of Kruger and Burgers. Coins slot behind design and as such undamaged. message inscribed on one side, “Anna Marie Van Rees 10.7.1903” and on the other side, “Gerhard De Beer 10.7.1903” A real pledge of love when considering the value of the coins and the diamond.

Value :$3500

1897 Half Crown – Cut Out Love Token

Just who was Mary? Must have been someone really special. The intricate work in this design demonstrates complete love for someone far away. One of the better Love Tokens you will see made into a pin brooch. Reverse being the prominent side

Value :$250