Boer War POW Coins

Content for the Boer War POW coins

Two and Half Shillings – Love Token

A genuine love token. Reverse of coin has been smoothed out and a hand holds a plaque amongst palm leaves with the inscription “Miss A Audsley”

Value :$175

Two Shillings – Hat and Pipe

A well made out piece. Obverse is a well detailed thin stem large pipe. Curved hat and diamond detail. Reverse has been smoothed out with centre star in ornate flower scroll monogram.

Value :$200

1892 5 Shillings Double Shaft – Cut Out Brooch

A rare cut out brooch of a 1892 5 Shillings double shaft. Not many 5 Shillings were use for POW artefacts due to its high value. This could have been a wealthy POW prisoner who dearly missed and loved his partner. Beautiful design to bring out image of ZAR Crest

Value :$250

1897 2 Shillings – Hat and Pipe

Kruger wearing a pirates hat. Boxed hair. Thin stem pipe with crossed coat. Puff of smoke from pipe. Holed for pendant or fob watch. Reverse centre smoothed out possibly for a message. Nice clear detail and great craftsmanship.

Value :$150

1896 Two and Half Shillings – Hat and Pipe

A beautiful and intricate worked classic Hat and Pipe ornately done. Great craftsmanship. Kruger has a flower on his lapel and gentleman’s hat and pipe. Design has a fish scale finish.

Value :$175